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About Us

Since 1999, we have been successfully operating in many branches of business between Europe and Turkey.

Our long-term experiences give you the security to fulfill your investments reliable and quickly in these areas.

Our contacts with many offices guarantee a fast handling, targeted action of your project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your belongings.

Business Target

Fulfill your business opportunities and escort you from the begining to the end.

Business Area

Business area is Europe & Turkey mostly not published objects on the whole market.


Tell us your wish and we will do our best to place your investment exactly.

Our History

REGNUM OÜ Invest, Consulting & Real Estate is a premier property company for prestigious developers and a trusted platform for property investors, boasting of an extensive unique investment portfolio of property with deep knowledge and experience in Aegean Region in real estate and investment market.

Our consulting and advisory activities cover many areas of the economy. Real estate, production, health, energy and service sector.We are a group of companies which exist since 1999 in some countries like Estonia, Turkey, Germany and Belgium. Our special team is focused on high level investments of lands, commercial properties, hotels and projects which is settled in Aegean Region from Izmir to Bodrum and in special cases we go until Antalya. The region Istanbul is our special territory in which we are involved in some high value projects, hotels and lands.

Our special team which is a group of Mundus-Capital Consulting located in Estonia and Didyma, BG Homes Turkey located in Netherlands and REGNUM OÜ Invest, Consulting & Real Estate located in Bodrum as operating address, Germany as establishment address an with the headquarters in Estonia. We work with many partners in countries and cities in Europe and Turkey. We provide our investors a big range of action like Geothermal Facilities, Wind- and Solar Plants as Renewable Energy Forms, Lands, Hotels & Facilities, Luxury Real Estates and Shopping Malls.

REGNUM VIP is our new operating field in real estates for listing. Here owners of hotels and real estates can offer his properties free of charge or they can list their property od 1.000.000+ USD with a little of charge. Beside these agencies can list their properties with the packages they want to buy. These changes we can offer by an inquiry specially for their own situation and belongings.

We highly believe that our ongoing success is directly linked to our clients and referrals. Our property network provides clearly defined requirements and benefits which you will be able to find an arrangement that works best for your needs.

We ensure that your investment is structured with us at the right level, and that you have the right resources to make your vital choice in Turkey. Our network provides the professional level of service and support and it also includes additional resources to help you to maximize your success and profitability.

Our Precious Clients benefit from;

  • Special Deals on pre-launch off-plan packages.

  • Privileged payment terms by well-known developers.

  • Discounted prices for certain developments.

  • Under Market Value developments.

  • Legal Service by independent lawyers.

  • Constant Updates & Communication after the purchased process.

  • At last take advantage of our partners which we have contracts for cooperation.